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 Shannon and David first generation farmers

We believe the universe led us to flowers. We met while we were growing lettuces, stubby carrots, lavender, a little pomegranate and many potted plants in the big city…we joined forces after a coffee in a flower shop and eventually moved to southwest Georgia. We started our new garden and apiary in Leesburg. In 2020 Shannon’s Papa died and there was nothing to do except to bring flowers, which began the cascade into more flowers than we ever imagined. That first bouquet turned into growing our wedding flowers, flowers for friends, community flowers and flowers for market. We had always loved growing, but when we received a bouquet to honor Papa’s memory, we thought we should grow some too.  We started naming our new varieties “The Papa” or “The Mike” and we kept falling in love with our flower patches…first with zinnias, then foxgloves, snapdragons and then the vibrant Iceland poppies. Our wedding flowers grew out of love of each flower, the nurturing we gave to our soil and each seedling. The work gave us purpose, healing, and a whole new life. There is remarkable power in flowers and plants to heal, teach and express the best in us. Flowers support the soul, uplift hearts, and bring beauty to all life moments. We believe in sharing the beauty of flowers and are dedicated to growing the best blooms chemical free on happy soil. We named our farm Ardas which translates to prayer, and we do our best to express our name each day.


As for the bees; David fell in love with all things Bees just about when we met for our coffee. One beehive has blossomed into 30 and a passion that led to becoming a beekeeper, bee educator and bee advocate. Our bees are handled with respect and the honey is naturally produced without chemicals or any irreverent practices; happy bees make the very best honey. We are committed to remain uncompromising in our care of these animals, earth, and the products we provide to our community.

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